The long-lived question, "Are Aliens real?" And really it depends on who you ask!

According to an article posted all the way back in 1996, Washington State topped a list for UFO sightings. (source)

Photo Credit: Aly/Canva
Photo Credit: Aly/Canva

But that still doesn't really answer the question, Do Aliens exist in Washington State?

New data has shown that we are now leading second in America for UFO sightings.

Earliest reports of sightings date back to the 1940's.

You'd think we would have a solid answer then, right? Wrong.

Why does Washington State have so many sightings even compared to the state of California? 

-Our love for the outdoors has us constantly outside and looking around/up.

According to Nasa;

"Nasa’s chief, administrator Bill Nelson, said that the lack of good information had made it very difficult to explain those remaining examples." - Nasa report on UFOs | The Independent

Photo Credit: Aly/Canva
Photo Credit: Aly/Canva

Will we ever know "for sure?" Maybe.

Do you believe what you saw? Have you reported the sighting?

Report a UFO sighting here. 


Nasa and the government seem to have taken on the topic, yet the answers are still slow to come. Why?

According to Nasa, not enough data has been recorded yet. Ok, so how many more sightings need to happen before it can be confirmed?

A recent headline caught the eyes of the world in regard to the James Webb Telescope.

"James Webb telescope stumbles onto signs of possible life on Earth-like planet" (source)

"K2-18 b is an exoplanet — a planet outside our solar system — that’s 8.6 times as massive as Earth. A new investigation with the JWST revealed the presence of “carbon-bearing molecules” that include methane and carbon dioxide. The findings add to recent studies that suggest that K2-18 b could be a Hycean exoplanet, meaning it has the potential to hold a hydrogen-rich atmosphere and a water-covered surface, NASA reported." - Source

Photo Credit: Aly/Canva
Photo Credit: Aly/Canva

I guess we will just have to keep waiting for "official word." Until then, keep looking up my friend, sooner than later we will be able to say, "Beam me up scotty!"

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