Thursday morning a Washington State Trooper was injured when his vehicle was struck while on the side on the road.

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The State Trooper was parked on the right hand side of Interstate 82 at Milepost 66 when another vehicle hit the State Trooper's vehicle from behind.

Courtesy WSP
Courtesy WSP

The State Trooper was transported to a nearby Emergency Room for treatment of injuries suffered.  In 2022, Washington State strengthened it's "Move Over Law" (RCW 46.61.212) in an effort to protect law enforcement and other first responders, as well as utility workers, while parked on the shoulder of the road or in a stationary position.  It requires motorists to shift one lane over to provide more clearance for responders and utility workers to perform their jobs without fear of being struck by a passing vehicle.

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If changing lanes isn't possible, then driver's must reduce their speed to a minimum of 10 miler per hour below the posted speed limit on that roadway while approaching and passing a parked first responder or utility worker vehicle.

A motorist can be charged with reckless endangerment of emergency or work zone workers, which carries a monetary fine of $1000, which cannot be waved, and a 60 day suspension of the motorist's license if found guilty.

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