Imagine receiving a serious diagnosis of cancer.  Gut Punch, can't breathe, cold sweat and in an instant, you are transported to a place where you feel all alone in a big, dank, dark, fearful, world.  If you have them around, family and friends close in to provide love and support and that helps.  But as your color fades, your weight drops, and your hair falls out from harsh toxic medicine, what you really need is someone or someplace that knows EXACTLY what you are feeling and what you are going through.  That place is Yakima's Wellness House.

How It Started

Wellness House was founded in 1988 as a resource to help cancer patients find support, help, and resources when faced with this devastating diagnosis.  Over the years, the programs have expanded to include a broad spectrum of non-medical treatment programs and services for cancer patients, including counseling, the Wig & Hat Boutique, support for the patients and their families, and access to post-surgical supplies.  In keeping with the wishes of founder, Mazie Meade, services for all clients are provided at NO CHARGE to ensure all in need have access to services and are already facing a financial burden from their medical care.

Take The Leap

Wellness House "gets you". Wellness House has got your back. And now Wellness House needs you to take a leap of faith.

Well, actually. it's not so much a leap as it is a simple step....but it IS a step off the roof of a building!

It's time once again to go "Over The Edge" for Wellness House!   So what does that mean exactly?  It means you round up $1,000 in sponsorship money which goes to Wellness House, you get strapped into a rappelling harness by a professional safety crew and you rappel down the side of the Liberty Building in downtown Yakima!

Cue The Adrenaline

For many it is a bucket list activity, for others, it's "special forces type" fantasy, and others see it as a chance to face their personal fears... but for all, it's a way to help the non-profit organization that helps so many others.  Wellness House has extended the fundraising deadline to Wednesday, December 15th to give you additional time to reach the $1,000 goal to rappel Over the Edge or team up with a friend and raise $1,500.

All you need to know is HERE and call with questions (509) 575-6686.

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