If you are like most pet owners, one of your favorite pastimes is probably finding new ways to spoil your favorite furred, feathered or finny friend.   Given that inclination and , with you finding yourself at home more often than before due to the Coronavirus, you have even more time to spoil your pet.

Curiosity may have killed the cat but the curious crew at Joyride is just fine and wondering where in the U.S. pet owners are spoiling their pets the most.  They surveyed 1,000 pet owners across all 50 states and across a wide variety of demographics about their pet spoiling tendencies.

Here is some of what they found out:

  • Maryland has the most spoiled pets in the U.S., with a rating of 3.26 out of 5 points....(but then, what else is there to do in Maryland)
  • The states with the least spoiled pets were Montana, New Mexico, and Hawaii.
  • Over 60% of survey respondents would break up with their significant other if that person was not well-liked by their pet.

So how did Washington State pet owners do?  The national average was 2.83, with the Evergreen State coming in slightly higher at 2.98.  So we spoil our pets but we don't go crazy about it.

Montana was lowest at 2.11 (so in big sky country it's every cat and dog for themselves)

Want some ideas on how to slather on the goodness for your pet?  Check out Cucumber Kitty and friends!



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