I know some folks who are at war with father time.  None of us wants to age any faster than we have to but some people are …shall we say…obsessed.  Science has a word of advice if your goal is to be the first person to live to 150  -  give it up!

If we can predict the future by studying the past, the some Dutch scientists want you to know they looked at 30 years worth of data from some 75,000 Dutch people collected over 30 years and there seems to be a max lifespan!

The general wisdom is that under normal circumstances, women outlast men and that seems to be pretty accurate .  As far as a longevity max goes, statistics concur - with women achieving a maximum of 115.7 years while men max out at 114.1 years.

The people behind the study say that while we are living longer as individuals, we still don’t live longer than the average maximum.

All those vegetables, all those miles, all that sweat and yet….

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