Hey shy guy. Yah you with the sign. We had a staff meeting today at the radio group and it was pretty clear from all the jokes and laughter that there wasn’t an introvert in the group.  While that made the meeting fun, if not a little longer than necessary, it may be indicative of us being a tougher bunch to manage.

The reason for that?  Researchers West Virginia’s School of Medicine say that introverts actually make better employees.  Interestingly, a lot of radio types are shy and introvert types until they get behind the microphone or in front of a crowd.

The Daily Mail reports that introverts are less distracted by immediate rewards, are content to work on projects that require long stretches of solitude, are better than extroverts at leading proactive colleagues and introverts are also very skilled listeners. (ok but they aren’t all that fun at the company picnic!) (Daily Mail)


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