Here is a workout technique that I can’t recommend but seems to have some scientific support. If your goal is all about beefing up and getting stronger, then take your chances but watch out for the kids and pick your spots!  Because there is a British study that essentially says that if you want to get stronger you may want to shout some four-letter words.

So here’s what the Daily Mail reports researchers found in two experiments involving physical power.  Words. Not just saying or muttering but in fact, shouting words - swear words- improved performance significantly as opposed to shouting out a neutral word.

How could this work? Well, here’s how it didn’t work.  The study results revealed the increase in power was not due to an increased heart rate  --meaning swearing did not trigger a ‘fight-or-flight” response as researchers had expected.

Study leaders suggest that swearing distracts people from pain and swearing also makes people more uninhibited and when you're not worried about what you're doing, that could enable extra performance. (Daily Mail)

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