USDA is proposing to improve access to groceries for homebound seniors and people with disabilities who participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP. USDA is proposing to allow grocery purchasing and delivery services run by government and non-profit organizations to accept SNAP benefits as payment, allowing for home delivery to those unable to shop for food. Nationally, only 42 percent of eligible elderly individuals participate in SNAP, compared to 83 percent for all people who are eligible, according to USDA.

Crop maturity continues to trail the five year average in the Weekly Crop Progress reports by USDA. NCGA reports that Monday’s figures show the corn crop condition remained about the same. With 27 percent of corn acres in the silking stage as of June 12, maturity trailed the five-year average by seven points despite a 15-point increase from the week prior. 69 percent of the nation’s corn crop was rated good to excellent.