There are a lot of negative comments and complaints flying around on both sides of the White House Immigration Plan,  You may have heard some of the worst from Representative Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat leaders.

Individuals and organizations on the right aren’t exactly thrilled with the potential numbers and the duration of amnesty efforts to achieve funding for a wall.

The Federation for American immigration Reform (FAIR) see Trump’s plan as selling out the promise to the people who put him in office.  A FAIR news release puts it this way,

"While campaigning, President Trump energetically reinforced the concept that immigration policies – levels, admission criteria and enforcement – must serve our national interests, not special interests. He made an unwavering pledge to protect American jobs, wages, enhance security and uphold the rule of law. He won because these principles resonated with Americans who hoped that his election would represent a historic opportunity to modernize our immigration system for the realities of the 21st Century. Yet despite all that, the White House yesterday inexplicably presented nothing short of an antiquated retread of the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli Act.

FAIR’s concerns include granting amnesty- not to 800-thousand but to 1-point-1-million illegal aliens, no solutions to sanctuary cities, no nationwide implementation of E-Verify, the slow phase out of chain migration allowing all on the current waiting list to get in and the fact that legalization occurs before the enforcement details are set.

FAIR’s recommendation to the White House,

"We urge the administration to scrap this proposal and proceed toward needed reforms using the Securing America’s Act, which is currently awaiting consideration in the House."


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