From time to time, the question is often asked, "if you could have dinner with someone from history, who would you choose?"

But with the holidays now upon us, many of us will think about and truly miss some cherished family member or friend who often played an important part of our experience of the season.  How much do we wish grandma was back in her place at the table, or cousin Joe, as usual, snooping under the tree?
We really do miss them - BUT - would we bring them back if we could--by cloning??
A recent Rasmussen Survey of 1,000 American Adults found little interest in a facsimile of Fanny, Frank or Francesca by way of science!
  • 15% would want to clone a loved one who has passed away if science made it possible, but most (70%) would not want to clone a loved one, and another 15% are undecided.
  • The number of adults who would want to clone a dead loved one is up from just 10% in 2015.
  • But most (53%) still think the government should regulate cloning, up from 49% in 2015, while 29% disagree and don’t think government oversight is needed, and 18% are not sure.

So Granny, for now,  we'll always have our memories of you, just not you, so can I have your piece of pie?

Merry Christmas and make real memories this year, because the ones you love won't be here for ever! (ahem, and neither will you!)

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