Last Month we celebrated "Bark Week" on KIT.  Perhaps you voted on the Valley's most handsome Hound.  As much as we love our pets we don't always treat them right.

Dogs are pretty intuitive and empathetic.  Most dogs can tell if something is wrong, both physically and emotionally and many dogs are sending a message of distress that you the owner is spending too much time  on social media!

If your hound has been acting out, animal experts say it might be due to your obsession with a video screen.

Veterinary nurse interviewed by the Daily Mail says that you might think you're spending quality time with your pet when you take it for a walk, but the minute the phone comes out, the dynamic changes without you even realizing it.

Dogs are pack animals and they take their cues from the pack leader, which is you.  They look to you, their leader to tell them what to do next, but if an owner is looking at their phone the animal cannot get that feedback, and therefore may experience animal anxiety and even panic.

The bottom line is that if  your dog is yawning, pacing or acting out, what your dog is saying is get off the phone and act like the pack leader that you are!!   (Daily Mail)

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