I scanned my ticket from Tuesday's drawing at a local retailer.  I knew that there was no big winner, and that the current jackpot is at $500M. But what about a smaller prize? I had purchased $5 worth of Mega Millions tickets for last Tuesday's drawing using the quick pick. When I scanned the ticket at Wray's Meadowbrook last night, I thought maybe I'd win a smaller prize. Maybe a few thousand bucks. My daughter and I walked up to the scanner and ran the ticket through. My heart did a quick flip when it came up "Winner"!

How much did I win?


That's right, I netted two whole dollars in winnings. I bought coffee on the way to work this morning, costing $3.78, so now I'm in the hole for my big Mega Millions windfall.

But, I can say I was a WINNER!