There is a movie coming out you might want to check out.  It's called Hunting Bigfoot, and while there is some actual "hunting" in the movie, Director Taylor Guterson says the movie is more about a man who is obsessed with hunting for the mythical creature.

Guterson says he moved to the Northwest a few years ago and soon got caught up in the local lore and legend about the supposed giant apelike creature said to haunt the woods of this area.

Bigfoot apparently gets around...or at least his cousins do.  There is the Yeren, the Chinese version of Bigfoot, the Canadians claim Sasquatch as their own, the Yeti may be an expensive cooler but is also said to be the creature formerly known as the Abominable Snowman who is thought to live in the forest below the Himalaya Mountains' snow line, and there is also the Yowie, the wildman from Down Under.

All are interesting, all are things of legend but Bigfoot is America's creature and the star of Guterson's pursuit.  His movie is described as "a compelling drama (which includes a healthy dose of humor) about a man obsessed by an all-consuming quest to verify the existence of a Sasquatch he claims to have witnessed.  The film introduces the audience to the Bigfoot subculture, featuring interviews with people recounting their Bigfoot encounters and appearances by recognized Bigfoot authorities."

Despite the large, smelly, mysterious nature of Bigfoot, actor John Green says the film is really about, "a human being searching for meaning in his life"

The movie Hunting Bigfoot opens at the Majestic Theatre in Union Gap, on October 22.

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