Age is just a number right…ah, but WHAT number?  A dozen years back I read a survey about adulthood beginning at 27 because of certain brain developments.  That seemed right to me  and thinking back to when I was kid, 30 seemed old.  So what do the nation’s youth feel about themselves and maturity?

Researchers at CBS  conducted a survey of millennials or those born between 1979 and 1995.  They found out those folks don't consider themselves adults until age 30. It’s tough to leave the nest and head out into the cold cruel world!  Some surveyed said they wouldn’t consider themselves an adult until age 40.

The stereotype of these “kids” researchers say is a generation who have been coddled by their parents.

Study leaders say by their definition an adult is someone “ who has moved out of their parents' home, has a job, and pays their own bills.”

That would mean that us dinosaurs were demonstrated adults at 18-21 but the recession is blamed for delaying today’s generation jumping into self dependency and responsibility. (Daily Mail)

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