Dr. Larry Jecha (Dr. J) is the Interim Yakima County Health Director.  He joined the KIT Morning News show today to talk about the Coronavirus vaccines.  As one might expect, he's a strong proponent of everyone getting the shots.

Many of the folks not getting the shot have refused because of fears over the safety of the vaccines based on how fast they were developed.  Dr. J assures that no corners were cut and all the FDA's standards for safety and effectiveness were properly met.

Three things the Health District wants y0u to know about the Vaccines:

  • None of the vaccines use a live virus
  • The vaccines do not interact with your DNA in any way
  • The Vaccine does not stay in the body but does trigger an immune response

Tens of thousands of people are said to have participated in phase three trials according to info provided by the health district with non of them dying or requiring hospitalization.

Another incentive Dr. Jecha points out is Governor Inslee's directive saying the state will fully open up June 30th or sooner IF Washington gets to 70% of all eligible persons being vaccinated statewide.  At present the statewide number is 58% with Yakima County at 49.13% of all eligible being fully vaccinated.

Dr. J suggests some unvaccinated people are simply procrastinators.  He believers there are a lot of people who haven't gotten the vaccine because they simply haven't gotten around to it yet and he believes with number of those vaccinated will steadily grow.

He also says warmer weather coming on should help since the virus prefers colder weather.

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