States With Most Speeding
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I saw a funny meme the other day that said "I fell like I'm 16 again. Gas is cheap and I'm grounded"!

Truth!  With the Coronavirus closing down so many of the fun places to go, there really isn't  any real reason to do a lot of driving around.  But when we open up and we hit the road with purpose you can bet that the guys will get there first.
There is plenty of debate about who are the better drivers -men or women?  But there seems to be an answer about which sex drives the fastest.
Some research out of the UK shows men are more likely to speed while driving. The UK SUN  reports on a  five year study which found  across almost all age brackets, men were more likely to exceed the speed limit than women.
As you might imagine, teenage boys were the most lead footed in comparison with seventeen-year-old males found to speed 130 percent more than females of the same age
Speed kills and the statistics bare that out and yet the study shows men only start to drive more slowly one they hit their 30s-- at that point speeding just 32 percent more than women.
Overall, on average, men speed 94 percent more than women, but the gap closes the most when men hit their forties—at which point they only speed two percent more than women the same age.
The question I have is is "Where the heck are we headed to in such a hurry?"
Maybe we should just ask Sammy Hagar?



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