Have you ever been so hungover the thought of what got you there is still making you feel nauseous?

You're not alone, It's been days since my fun and I am still feeling some of the side effects. After years of enjoying the overindulge, I don't think I've ever gotten this trashed...or felt so sensitive the next day. In my seven and seven haze I reached out to Facebook asking for favorite hangover cures and the list was big enough I just had to share.

Take your pick and may recovery be favor in your favor.

Hangover Cures from Around the World

Alecia K from Yakima says "Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier. (you can get them at Costco). One before going out and then one the next morning then you're golden. taking these to Vegas with me!"

Justin J of Selah says vodka.

Doddie M of Yakima is on that Frisco Freeze from Tacoma, the burgers will get you back to feeling steady.

Boogie L of Sunnyside, WA says Hot Cheetos with lemon

John T of Selah, WA bacon and eggs with lots of grease.

Menudo and a cold Pepsi. Or nugget ice with beer salt!! - Mallory S of Sunnyside, WA

Fruit punch Body Armor mixed with a Redbull - Aly R of Grandview, WA

Mimosa and brunch - Austin R of Ellensburg, WA

Pickle juice - Anarel N Portland Oregon

Bologna sandwich and chocolate milk - Melissa D of Ketchikan, Alaska

Drink water says Prashant S of Ontario Canada

Oystein V of Stavenger, Norway says, "chocolate milkshakes"

Swan O'connor of Queensland, Australia says, "sex, sweat it out than KFC"

Sleep says Toby B of Los Vegas Nevada

Brian E of Tucson, AZ says Pho

Seth R from Jersey City, New Jersey says, "cocaine and a shot of whiskey"

My Dad, "moderation"

The most effective but challenging cure I have learned over the years is not drinking. When that fails, hashed browns -  Elise K of Moscow, ID

A big greasy breakfast and strong coffee with lots of Aleve - Anna M of Selah, WA

Carrie G of Yakima, WA says "Pepino and limon Gatorade always does the trick it’s so yummy!:"

Pho noodle soup with extra jalapeños! - Anna M-C

Red Powerade, some Menudo with an ice-cold soda, and Tylenol for the headache. Laura Bello of Yakima says,

Michelle B of Yakima says, "hair of the dog that bit ya or nachos. Mostly nachos."

Bloody Mary or beer says Veronica V of Yakima

Danny L  says, "vomiting."

Karina Campos says coconut water and Pedialyte

Pedialyte.. and biscuits and gravy says Josh S

Airborne “tea”. It’s a citrus airborne lozenge in hot water with honey, lemon, and cinnamon. Ginger if my stomach hurts. A'nna Julia

Dawnmarie P Ginger Shots

Watermelon says Tina B of Selah

Left over cold pizza and apple juice - Sixta M of Yakima

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