When Grandma and Grandpa fly in for the holidays and before they are they are mobbed by the kids, you may just want to sit them down and have "the talk."  It may be awkward and uncomfortable (not like THAT talk) but it needs to be said. Grandma...Grandpa..mom & dad, .knock it off, you're spoiling the kids!

There is a new study reported by CBS News that says overindulgent grandparents can have a long-term negative effect on kids' health.

Beside the potential for brattiness, the study found that spoiling the grandchildren impact kids' diet and weight!  In addition grandparents' tobacco habits can also put kids at risk. (Hey, I wanna be just like grandpa, where's the chew?)

The trifecta of diet, weight and tobacco have all been identified as risk factors for serious health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. No grandparent wishes any of those things on their precious grand babies!


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