One day we'll all look back on this time in 2020 and recall that was the moment that we changed.  Sure, we became better cooks, better self hair stylists, better pet owners and more BUT hopefully we will be able to point to this time as when we became more aware, more appreciative, more self-reliant and better people.  Hopefully.

Emergencies can bring out the best or the worst in us as history shows.  But one thing we have now that we didn't have in emergencies or pandemics past is the internet and the ability to search millions and millions of information sites in seconds..  Today we have Google and it's a monster!

Key Google Search Stats

  • Google handles over 75,000 queries per second.
  • Google’s share of mobile search traffic is over 85% globally.
  • Google’s search volume grows by 10%–15% per year.
  • Local searches account for 46% of all searches on Google.
  • Google Home’s US penetration increased from 7% to 23% in 2018.
  • Over 200 factors are taken into account by Google when delivering search results.
  • 50% of the search queries in Google are 4 words or longer.

Aryn Sanderson is a Google Trends expert. She spent a few minutes with us recently to talk about the topics most on your minds during this time of Coronavirus quarantine .



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