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Not that long ago I posted a study about first impressions. The authors said it only takes one-tenth of a second to determine if you are attractive or trustworthy.  A big part of that was the color of the clothes you wear.

Now the Business Insider is back with a list of more things than can ruin a first impressions.  They say these are the kind of things that can make people take an instant dislike to you.  Check the list, how many do you recognize in yourself, your friends or in those who will never be your friends!

There is this one little detail to keep in mind.  These are On-Line first impression killers. (but some of them probably apply in person too)

  • Sharing too many photos on Facebook
  • Having too many or too few Facebook friends
  • Disclosing something extremely personal early on in a relationship
  • Asking someone questions without talking about yourself at all
  • Posting a close-up profile photo
  • Hiding your emotions
  • Acting too nice
  • Humblebragging
  • Getting too nervous
  • Not smiling
  • Acting like you don't like someone
  • Having a hard-to-pronounce name
  • Name-dropping

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