Planning a boating trip this hot July weekend? While you're playing on the water deputies with the Yakima County Sheriff's Office are working on the water to keep areas safe. The deputies are looking for violations like people who drink and drive a boat. Deputy Scott Swallow says be careful. "If you're out in the sun and on the water you're going to show the effects of alcohol a lot sooner because you're out in the weather and alcohol makes you dehydrated a lot sooner." While authorities say there's not a big problem with impaired boating in Yakima they'll also be looking for other violations this weekend including requirements for life preservers and if you are the skipper of the boat don't forget your boater education card. The state's impaired boating laws apply to all boats motorized and non-motorized including kayaks, canoes and rafts.
State officials say alcohol plays a significant factor in 17 percent of all boating fatalities in the state.

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