**A global food crisis is expected this fall amid the war in Ukraine and other factors, and a House Ag panel is looking at U.S. overseas food aid programs.

Ranking Ag Republican GT Thompson says everything leads to a pretty grim conclusion, that by this fall, we’re going to see a significant increase in hunger, starvation and famine.

Some expect another 10 to 20% rise in commodity prices due to supply chain disruptions and export restrictions.

**New research shows greenhouse gas emissions on farms could rise if more U.S. food companies require feed for their livestock and poultry be free from genetically modified ingredients.

The report says grain elevator and feed mill product handling and production requirements would be greater, and the price of meat, milk and eggs for consumers could increase.

The report examined the environmental and economic implications should U.S. animal food manufacturers need to boost the production of non-GM feed.

**Two Senate Ag Committee members recently urged the EPA to update its greenhouse gas modeling for biofuels.

Senators John Thune, of South Dakota, and Amy Klobuchar, of Minnesota, asked the EPA to adopt the Argonne National Lab's Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Transportation, or GREET model.

The lawmakers say these long-overdue updates would permit consistent comparison between petroleum-based fuels, natural gas systems, electric generation, and renewable fuels.

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