It's starting in the Yakima valley and across the state. The flu season, and Maryanne Patnode with the Yakima County Health District says while the numbers are high in the Eastern U.S. that's not the case here in the West. But she expects the numbers to grow in the next couple of months...the reason why Patnode says it’s a great time to get a flu shot.

It's not hard to find a flu shot. Stores and pharmacies throughout the valley offer them. You'll find a list of locations at the health district website at

Whooping cough cases are slowing in yakima county and other parts of the state it's still a big problem says Maryanne Patnode with the Yakima County Health District. So far 473 cases have been reported in the county, the most since before vaccines were approved for the disease.

Whooping cough vaccinations are available at many of the same stores and pharmacies that also offer the flu shot, for a list where the shots are offered check out the health district's website at