The American Farm Bureau launched Get a Move On dot FB dot org Wednesday - an advocacy website that gives farmers and ranchers a simple way to take action regarding GMOs. AFBF President Bob Stallman says now is the time for farmers and ranchers to take action in support of innovation in agriculture. Biotechnology is helping farmers across the nation - and Stallman says it will offer even more benefits in the future. Through the Get a Move On website - farmers and ranchers can send emails to House members and encourage them to support the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act - a national, science-based labeling standard.

USDA is reminding farmers seeking federal crop insurance premium subsidies for the 2016 reinsurance year must comply by June 1. They have released their Five Steps to Conservation Compliance. To be eligible to receive many USDA benefits, including loans, disaster assistance, federal crop insurance premium subsidies and conservation assistance, you must comply with requirements for highly erodible lands and wetlands. The purpose of the conservation compliance provisions is to reduce soil loss on erosion-prone lands and protect wetlands.