If gardening and green spaces generate happiness, the Yakima should be one hopping, happening, happy place!

Yakima has the beautiful arboretum, we have nearly two dozen nurseries and garden stores, scores of Master Gardeners and thousands of backyard gardeners, arborists and orchardists.  It all adds up to happier people!
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Gardeners Are Happier People

Gardeners’ World Magazine ran a poll and found 55 percent of gardeners said they were satisfied with their life, compared to just 39 percent of non-gardeners. Also, 54 percent of gardeners reported feeling happier the previous day, compared to 45 percent of those who did not garden.

Me, as gardener?  Not so much. At first chance, I left the farm and my growing days and farming ways behind me. (forced "large scale gardening" isn't any fun!)  However my wife Sara loves to garden, transplant and design and she spends a good part of every summer day outside.  Many Yakimanians do.

Urban Gardening Growing In Popularity
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In addition to the fresh air and healthy produce, gardeners get a sense of purpose from seeing their carefully nurtured plants thrive.

Wellbeing At The End Of A Trowel

Gardeners’ World Magazine editor, Lucy Hall:

The results of our survey demonstrate what we’ve seen anecdotally over the last two years—that gardening and gardens play a vital role in promoting wellbeing and happiness. Throughout the pandemic, the popularity of gardening and visiting parks and open space rose dramatically as people connected with nature.


In The Garden Or At The Alter - Sustainability...I Do

In addition to the beauty of nature and the peace of gardening, sustainability is an important concept to the green thumb crowd. And sustainablity that hasn't gone unnoticed by today's brides, grooms and wedding planners.  There is a new trend that has couples looking for ways to make their weddings more sustainable.

New Beginnings: Farming Families Begin To Recover From Australia's Record Drought
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A Real Weddings Report from 2021, released earlier this year  showed that nearly 70 percent of the 15,000 couples surveyed told the publication, if they were having a wedding in 2022, they planned to include environmentally friendly activities and décor.  Nearly one in three couples said vendors should be more proactive in providing eco-friendly suggestions.... such as buying secondhand or upcycled items, using recycled paper and minimizing using single-use products and food waste.

Old-New-Borrowed-Blue...And Thrift Shop Too

Lauren Kay, an executive editor at The Knot:

A lot of vendors are really educating themselves on ways to be more sustainable in an effort to meet the demand. We’re seeing across the board much more interest and recognition around sustainability.

Wedding practices to lessen environmental impact include, wedding attire consignment or thrifting, accessory rentals, post-event food donations, faux flowers, recycled invitation paper, biodegradable products and clean energy sources.

And for a honeymoon?  Maybe a few days gardening?

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