Back in 1976 Rock's Motor City Madman Ted Nugent released a song called Free-for-all!.  It sounded great then and the concept of something being "free-for-all" today is still let's find out more!

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 Free?  The Price Is Right - Or Is It It?

In this case, we are talking about the prospect of Yakima's Central Washington Stae Fair (CWSF) being free for everyone.  So how does THAT happen?  Nothing is really ever free?  What's the deal?

Turns out the Washington State Legislature's Senate Democrats have proposed a grant program in the 2022 supplemental budget that would make state and county fairs free. (they are politicians and they know free isn't free ...but let's see where this takes us)

State Grants Are Used As Stimulus In A Number Of Ways

The idea -which "sounds cool" is part of a multi-pronged proposal for stimulating the state’s economy. Other proposals include increasing business and operating tax credits for small businesses and waiving fees for Discover Passes purchased after July 1 and before June 30, 2023.

Wait.  I thought the economy was roaring along to the point we had hundreds of millions more coming in than had been forecasted?

Washington state’s 2021-23 budget collections are projected to increase by nearly $898 million according to the Washington State Economic and Revenue Forecast Council’s November quarterly report. The state’s Near General Fund revenues are now projected at $60.2 billion for the 2021-23 budget cycle, which began July 1.  Washington’s budget is benefitting from strong growth in the state’s biggest revenue drivers – sales tax, property tax, and business & occupation tax – as well as the Real Estate Excise Tax.


Is A Ticket To The Fair More Fair Than Tax Releif

With a strong economy and billions in Covid Recovery money floating around, a lot of people think the state needs some kind of tax relief for all residents rather than proving  free fair tickets for a few.  49 states have done so, Washington has not.

Which do you prefer, a ticket to the tilt-a-whirl or a break in sales and property taxes?

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