On Friday, bipartisan group of former U.S. Agriculture Secretaries, representing all past Administrations from those of President Jimmy Carter to President George W. Bush, issued an open letter urging Congress to pass Trade Promotion Authority. The former secretaries note that boosting trade and exports is highly beneficial to America's agriculture economy and that Trade Promotion Authority is critical for successfully negotiating new trade partnerships that boost exports and create jobs. Congress could begin consideration of legislation to grant President Obama Trade Promotion Authority this week.

Senators Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Diane Feinstein of California and Jeff Flake of Arizona introduced legislation Thursday to replace the corn ethanol portion of the Renewable Fuel Standard. Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis says this legislation is incredibly shortsighted and would eviscerate the RFS - keeping the U.S. addicted to foreign oil. The National Farmers Union says this legislation would cripple the rural economy.