I like dogs but 'm not a big fan of little dogs.   Our family currently owns one named Lucy (Kate's favorite) but I much prefer our other dog Dewey.  He is a much bigger dog and just seems smarter to me.  (That's smarter TO me, not smarter THAN me!)  So am I wrong about that?   Perhaps, but at least for now the University of Arizona has my bark, er... back.

The Daily Mail reports on research from the University of Arizona which indicates some breeds are smarter than others. After studying 7,000 pure bred dogs from 74 different breeds, they found larger dogs, such as Labradors and Great Danes, have bigger brains than smaller dogs, which might seem obvious but there is more to this than proportionality,  The bigger brains actually gives them improved "cognitive function."

As a result, bigger dogs have increased self control and high-performing short term memory, which in practical turn means they obey commands like  "stay" more than smaller dogs. That's a win for me. A better obeying dog is a happier owner.  Three cheers for bigger dogs!

Now smaller breeds were found to be more skilled at certain other tasks, such as going to where their owner was pointing when told - which researchers say is evidence that the little dogs have "social intelligence."



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