Did you know that the term "Flying Saucer" was coined in Yakima, Wa.? Yup, believe it or not, back on June 24th, 1947, aviator Kenneth Arnold witnessed something strange that lead to the term we know today as "Flying Saucers" according to Wikipedia. The story goes that Arnold was flying his personal airplane near Mt. Rainier. He was out searching for a missing C46 airplane that had a $5,000 reward. After seeing a couple flashes of light, he was able to narrow down where the light was coming from. Roughly 200 miles away from Mt. Baker. When in the distance he saw 9 lights flying in a formation like a "flock of geese". The more he looked, the more he could tell that these were not normal planes.

After the lights disappeared, Arnold felt the need to land and tell someone immediately. Where did he land? Our own back yard, at the Yakima Airport! After telling the airport manager of what he had witnessed, the manager started to alert other aircraft in the area. After the excitement had died down Arnold took back to the sky and headed back to his home in Pendleton, Oregon. The press kept asking him questions about his encounter where he described the shape of the object with terms like "saucer", "pie pan", & "disc".

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It's interesting, that Arnold's encounter & reporting of it, as well as the numerous sightings that followed shortly after, marked the first UFO sightings of the modern era. 75 Years later, our government is now saying that something is out there, but they're not sure what it is. Like the following video that was recorded from Naval flight training exercises.

If you'd like to read about my personal UFO encounter, you can read the full story here, or you can just check out the video I filmed while I was in Sunnyside, Washington back in August of 2017.



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