The Fair is in the air now and...well, hopefully, every year until...forever?  What might help make that happen is something like House Resolution 2424 known as the Agricultural Fairs Rescue Act.

Today, 4th District Congressman Dan Newhouse (R-WA) released the following statement after the House Committee on Agriculture passed H.R. 2424 by a unanimous voice vote:

Newhouse Says

“Fairs in Central Washington represent the best of rural America and give our communities an opportunity to come together and better understand where our food and fiber come from. Fairs also serve as an economic opportunity for many of our rural communities by supporting thousands of jobs and giving farmers a way to promote their products,” said Rep. Newhouse. “This is a step in the right direction for the recovery of our economy, and I am hopeful that we can maintain this momentum to pass this legislation in the House and through the Senate.”

Rep. Newhouse introduced the Agricultural Fairs Rescue Act to help preserve agricultural fairs across the country and offset the devastating financial losses they have experienced due to COVID-19. It wasn't just Yakima's fair that was shut down by the pandemic last year and Newhouse believes The Agricultural Fairs Rescue Act will provide grant funding for agricultural fairs through state departments of agriculture to keep them functioning and preserve them for the future.

 How's It Work?

The Agricultural Fairs Rescue Act authorizes $500 million in Agricultural Fair Rescue Grants for agricultural fairs, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS). The AMS will provide grant funding to states or state departments of agriculture based on the loss of attendance those fairs have experienced in 2020.

Mask mandates around the country may take a bite out of attendance at the fairs of 2021 too.

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