U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman’s office will host trade ministers Wednesday and Thursday to further talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The TPP chief negotiators will meet on Saturday to Tuesday, also in Atlanta. The announcement is a signal that the meeting may result in a final agreement. U.S. trade officials have said after a July meeting in Hawaii that ministers should not meet again until they are ready to finalize the deal. Representative Froman’s office said negotiators have been making good progress toward resolving the limited number of outstanding issues.

The National Farmers Union applauded President Obama for issuing a joint statement with Chinese President Xi Jinping announcing the countries’ goals for an international climate agreement. Farmers Union President Roger Johnson said “climate change jeopardizes the security of the global food system.” Johnson noted that more frequent extreme weather events and changing access to water threaten farmers’ yields and have the potential to further consolidate an already concentrated food industry. Johnson has expressed support for many actions undertaken by the White House to address climate change.

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