SEATTLE (AP) — The federal government is expanding a program that allows American Indian tribes to access national criminal databases.

The program also fixed a system that allowed a man to buy a gun that was later used in 2014 by his son to kill four classmates and himself at Washington's Marysville-Pilchuck High School.

The Tribal Access Program, launched last year, lets tribes enter and search for records in the National Crime Information Database, used when someone tries to buy a firearm. The Justice Department chose 10 tribes -- including the Tulalip Tribe and the Makah Indian Tribe from Washington state -- to participate in the initial phase of the program, according to the Bellingham Herald.

Officials announced this week that it has added 11 tribes to that list. During 2016, the tribes received a workstation that gave them access to national systems. The tribes used the program for variety of criminal agencies. Tribal civil agencies also used the program to check on staff who have control over children, child support agencies and others.

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