The Yakima Health District confirms there are no cases of Coronavirus in Yakima.

So it's fear and not fact that has lead to the cancellation of the NW Junior Jamboree volleyball tournament set for this weekend (3/14) in Yakima, WA.

A disappointed Team Yakima got the news from the Yakima School District mid-morning Tuesday. The gymnasium space needed to host the 144 teams, signed up to compete in the 2020 Jamboree are no longer available to Team Yakima Volleyball Club, due to the schools concerns over the coronavirus.


A facebook post from Team Yakima tells the tale.

"We apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment to the clubs, families and players effected by this decision. We are asking those with hotel and/or restaurant reservations to please call and cancel your reservations. Team Yakima will issue refunds to all the clubs for the tournament entry. Again, we apologize to all the local teams as well as all the out of town teams that made arrangements to travel to Yakima for our two day, 42nd Annual Northwest Junior Jamboree. If there are any additional questions please email Remember to wash your hands & keep playing hard! See you next year!!

Team Yakima Volleyball Club"

The loss of a tournament of that scale will have a financial impact.  Caronavirus wins again.

Which leads me to ask - Where is the line where reasonable precaution meets overreaction? Given what we know about the actual numbers and behavior of the virus, wouldn't reasonable "Flu Prevention Precautions" have have been enough to have saved the tournament?  No shaking hands, no high fives and hand sanitizer for everyone.

The data shows the young and athletic (like volleyball players) aren't at serious risk and Grandma and Grandpa (who could be at risk) could have sat this one out and stayed home to watch on Skype or Facebook Live!

Oh well, for now it' coronavirus game, set, match.


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