Local and state officials continue to monitor the Rattlesnake Ridge landslide along I-82 in Union Gap. Stephen Slaughter is the Landslides Hazards Program Manager for the state of Washington who says since March of 2018 the slide has done nothing but slow it's movement. "Back in March of 2018 it was moving at about 1.7 feet per week now its at about 8 inches a week."
Slaughter says they expect to slow even more in the near future.

He says there's hundreds of landslides in the state but a majority can't be seen and aren't located near large populations of people. For that reason Slaughter says the Rattlesnake slide is unique. He says rain or snow doesn't impact the slide because it's mainly made up of large rocks and not moveable soil.
Slaughter says they have lots of equipment and experts monitoring the slide on a daily basis. For now he says the prediction is for the slide to continue to slow its movement in the future.

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