Delta Farm Press reports that the EPA’s Cancer Assessment Review Committee published an official classification of glyphosate as “not likely to be carcinogenic.” But the status of the action is unclear because EPA pulled the committee’s report offline. May 2 EPA stated in an email the document was inadvertently published, and the agency had not completed its review. Monsanto, the manufacturer of glyphosate, said the report was marked “Final Cancer Assessment Document” on their website. Hugh Grant, Monsanto’s chairman and CEO said “Glyphosate has a 40-year history of safe and effective use.

The U.S. has more than doubled it’s wind-power generation over the past five years, equating to nearly 5% of the nations total power supply according to the Energy Department.

Finally positive news for farm equipment sales, Farm tractors under 40HP were up 33.2 percent for March and up 26.1 percent year-to-date, compared to the same time periods last year. Total retail sales of tractors and combines continue to track higher than their comparable 2015 levels and 5-year average, with strong under 40HP tractor sales offsetting significant declines in larger production equipment, according to AEM.