The old stereotype used to be that young people routinely thought they were way smarter than their parents until those kids got into their 30's when they began to realize just how smart their parents actually are.  Call it the hubris of youth.   

At the same time, older people generally think the younger generation is dumber than themselves and never catches up -- and now a new study seems to confirm that!
Economic researchers from Norway analyzed  730,000 IQ test scores between 1970 and 2009 and found that after climbing steadily since World War Two, young people's IQ scores have begun to fall.  The fall seems to have begun with those born in 1975 and is significant - equating to about seven points per generation.
 Scientists aren't exactly sure why.  Some believe the decline is due to a difference in technique in the way languages and math are taught in schools.
Others suggest it could also be down to people spending more time on technological devices instead of reading books.
One solution could be less facebook and facetime and more fish time!

Scientists revealed last year that regularly eating fish improves children's intelligence with nine to 11-year-olds who eat fish at least once a week scoring almost 5 points higher in IQ tests compared to those who 'seldom' do.  Confirming the "magic of the mackerel", even those kids whose meals only sometimes include fish scored 3.3 points higher. ​

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