The Coronavirus Pandemic has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, put millions out of work, cost trillions in lost productivity, trillions more in stimulus and aid  and caused fear and mental health problems on an epic scale.
Last Friday, March 26th, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that at some point in a five month span from August 2020 to the end of January 2021, more than 40 percent of U.S. adults experienced symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorders,
United Press International  wrote that, "Over this period of time, the percentage of adults reporting symptoms of these disorders nationally increased from 36 to 42 percent and the percentage of adults who took a prescription for one of these disorders rose to from 22 to 25 percent ,,,,,12 percent of adults nationally indicated that they needed mental health treatment, but did not receive it."
The CDC says the numbers are consistent with surveys that showed an increase in mental health symptoms, among young adults.
As prevalent as the pandemic associated mental health issues are, it is still an often difficult topic for younger people to discuss.  Reasons for that include:
  • Worries that people may think you're 'weird' or leave you out
  • Not wanting to be treated any differently
  • Worries that people might spread rumors


To help open a dialogue on the subject of mental health, the Sunnyside High School Prevention Club is holding a "CALM YOUR SOUL, DRIVE IN TOWN HALL"  On Wednesday called  - A Mental Health & You Event.
Young people are invited to drive to the school parking lot, hear a presentation on mental health and where to get help if necessary and then watch Pixar's award winning movie "SOUL".  Soul is about a jazz pianist who has a near-death experience and gets stuck in the afterlife, contemplating his choices and regretting the existence that he mostly took for granted.

One reviewer wrote that Soul, "reminds us that we can still shape our own lives. In the film, Joe thinks that after performing with the jazz quartet he will finally start living. But as he learns later on he was already living"

The event is set for the Sunnyside High School parking lot on Wednesday March 31st.  The gates open at 7:15 and the audio event -on radio- start at 7:30.  Call 509-837-9629 for more information.




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