Does the Coronavirus have you working from home?  Find yourself switching out of your nighttime pajamas and into your dayttime  pajamas?
Back in the day (1960's) the Gillette Safety Razor company had an advertising campaign with the message of "look sharp, feel sharp, be sharp"!  Then in 1975 a book came out telling us how to Dress for Success. The message was clear -  how you look can positively affect how you feel and act.
Nowadays they call it "enclothed cognition" but the meaning is the same. Getting
dressed —even if you’re working from home—could boost your mood.

Mother,ly reports on social psychologists who say that clothing is an extension of the self and that by getting dressed you create a shift in your mindset that can improve how you feel.

Living uber casual Fridays every day, life in pajamas or sweatpants, can take its toll on your psyche. Dr. Adam Galinsky, a psychologist, says that "enclothed cognition" is a phenomenon in which clothes can put you in a different psychological state—you feel more in control, feel prepared for the day, and it makes you feel better about yourself.--so your outfit can affect how you think and behave, "we think not just with our brains but with our bodies."

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