There are only three Thursday evenings left to enjoy free entertainment in downtown Yakima and though it will be hot, thank goodness there will be a misting tent, ice cream, and more!

Don't Miss Downtown Summer Nights

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Downtown Summer Nights (DSN) is a weekly block party on Historic North Front Street in the heart of Yakima. It's a FREE weekly get-together featuring live music, craft beverages, and food on Thursday evenings.

Who is Performing?

Two live performances on the Cashmere Valley Bank stage, kicking off with Stephanie Anne Johnson, based out of Tacoma, and the frontwoman for The Hidogs! Their mantra is “find your joy and go there” so to North Front Street at 6 pm this Thursday is where we go!

Hitting the stage at 7 pm are the DimeStore Prophets! Located in Moses Lake DimeStore Prophets are a three-piece groove, rock, and reggae band that brings "Feel Good Music" to the Pacific Northwest playing extensively since 2010.

It's going to be a night filled with professional crowd-pleasing music so make sure you bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and your dancing shoes!

What Types of Food Activities Will There Be?

The activities and beer garden open up at 5:30 pm

Downtown Summer Nights

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