You love a Yakima Valley Sunrise.

You're humbled by the glory of a Yakima sunset.

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In between, your commute to work takes about 12 minutes.  The things that draw tourists to the Yakima Valley by the thousands are among the things that make you want to stay here forever.

Sunshine, fresh fruit and produce, craft beer and wine, proximity to the mountains, woods & wilderness, and a slower-paced life than in the big city.  But you also want a job that offers interest, stimulation, and a decent salary and for that, don't you have to go somewhere else?.

If Only...

If only there were decent jobs that you could do working from home so you could avoid the hassles with humanity and madness of major metropolitan living.

Silly Rabbit, there are and Livability has the list.

Brie Reynolds, career development manager and coach at FlexJobs says:

There’s been an increase in job listings in areas like customer service, medical and health, computer and IT, and education, Broadly, these industries have all seen shifts since the pandemic began and have required additional professionals to work, largely remotely, to support those changes

The Most Popular Work-From-Home Opportunities


1. Accountant 
Average salary: $51,208, according to PayScale
employment of accountants and auditors will grow faster than the average for all occupations, at a rate of about 10 percent from 2016 to 2026.

2. Engineer 
Average salary: $85,670, according to PayScale

3. Teacher/Faculty member/Tutor/Instructor
Average salary: $45,938, according to PayScale
With more education happening online, many teaching jobs can now be done remotely,

4. Writer

Average salary: $49,804, according to PayScale
If you’re a natural wordsmith, many companies are looking for writers who can create content, including digital articles, marketing copy for their websites, blog posts or technical manuals.

5. Consultant 
Average salary: $87,476, according to PayScale

6. Program Manager
Average salary: $52,044, according to PayScale

7. Project Manager
Average salary: $74,230, according to PayScale

8. Customer Service Representative
Average salary: $38,807, according to PayScale
As e-commerce has skyrocketed amid COVID-19, many companies are in need of customer service representatives. In this common WFH job, you assist customers, place orders or reservations and problem solve over the phone, e-mail or chat.

9. Business Development Manager
Average salary: $73,000, according to PayScale
If you’re a natural networker and great communicator, a business development manager role might be worth exploring.

10. Account Manager/Account Executive
Average salary: $54,371, according to PayScale

The second ten includes Recruiter, Sales Rep., Web Developer, Medical Coder, Territory Sales Manager, Nurse, Data Analyst, Editor, Case Manager and UX/UI designer.

Bottom Line - You don't have to leave all the advantages of the Yakima lifestyle to enjoy a great work-life.  Just do your homework and choose wisely.

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