Street smarts, what are they and who’s got ‘em?

Urban Dictionary offers some thoughts such as “Intelligence gained outside of school”  that allow you to “get along with others- knowing which questions to ask and not asking too man,  knowing who you can trust, how to be tough or escape and knowing how to read others intentions.”   It’s a pretty good summation.

Experience teaches it and a new study shows it never goes away, even when you age.

Researchers looked into how well people can gauge the aggression of others – a key component of being street smart. Scientists looked at study participants that fell into two age groups: ages 59 to 91, and ages 20 to 28.

When tested, 95 percent of all participants correctly gauged the aggression, or level of intimidation of test subjects.

A series of studies by the same group of researchers ultimately shows judging how aggressive others are is a skill that improves gradually through childhood, peaks in adulthood, and does not decline in older age.

So punks, don’t mess with your elders. They are likely on to you! (EurekAlert)