Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President once said, " A house divided against itself, cannot stand.  Lincoln's wisdom was pointed at the future of slavery in America but don't miss the point. - too much division is dangerous.

In his latest column, our businessman, consultant, blogger buddy Tim Bryce looks at the divisions puling at today's Democrat party.

"It is not much of a secret the Democrats have a divided party. One side consists of “moderates,” representing traditional party values, and the other consisting of “extreme-Leftists,” representing radical politics, such as Socialism, the New Green Deal, and a plethora of entitlements. The question is, which side is winning?" 

Presidential politics usually follows the same formula.  Pander to the base, those most avid and most often most extreme wing of the party in order to win the nomination.  Once that is secured, candidates usually move back to more moderate positions in order to get elected.  It's just that this years the "most extreme" is truly that!

"The fact there is a 60/40 split in the party suggests the majority of Democrats are traditionalists and do not necessarily embrace radical concepts like Socialism. Yet, if front-runner Sen. Bernie Sanders lands the nomination, this is precisely what the party will ask Democrats to accept."

Mike Bloomberg joins the debate tomorrow night.  Nevada and South Carolina's days of decision are coming fast and then Super Tuesday determines some 13-hundred delegates across 14 states on March 3.  Catch the rest of Tim's take here .

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