When we think of farming jobs we tend to think of the big red barn and coveralls but the ag industry has a very diverse job market that can include high tech industries and laboratories as well. The need to feed an ever growing population on less farmland will put a big stress on the research end of agriculture and college students will find a growing number of jobs in those areas. But there will always be a pair of boots on the ground working the soil or harvesting the crop and those jobs will need to be filled with new, younger farmers as the current farmers reach retirement age.

Inflatable buildings are finding a home on the range. Various types of air structures or inflatable buildings are being employed where clear-span properties are needed used for grain and machinery storage, livestock shelters and hydroponic farms, to name a few. Companies like Airzon Structures can supply custom buildings that will withstand 150 mph winds and snow loads of 50 pounds per square foot. These inflatables are also easy to install, cost effective, energy efficient and low maintenance.

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