We officially start "Summer 2020" this weekend.  What lies in store? No swimming, no concerts, no movies, no fun.   But what direction will the "revolution" take?  Race riots? Antifa inspired anarchy? Political overreaction?  BLM expands?  White guilt represents?  Whatever it is, there is a pretty good chance we'll need a cop somewhere in the mix.  But if we do, will that officer be there?

With that on my mind, I have three things to share with you this day - two recent editorials and a classic fifty year old acknowledgement of how impossible the police officers job was then and it's only gotten more difficult since!

The Patriot Post  shared an editorial from  a young Oklahoma  police office.  We would like to direct your attention to it.  It's called  “We Are Leaving”.  He makes a serious case as to why the lure of a law enforcement career has lost its luster.   “It’s not that law enforcement has changed for the worse but everything around it has,” 

  • Yates say he would no longer “send anyone I cared about into the hell that this profession has become”:
  • “It’s the only job you can do everything right and lose everything.”
  • “It’s the only job where the same citizens you risk your life for hate you for it.”
  • “It’s the only segment left in society where it’s cool to discriminate and judge, just because of the uniform you wear.”

Bottom line? “You aren’t going to have to abolish the police,” he declares. “We won’t be around for it.”

That is a frightening thought.  No police.  Are you ready to defend yourself, your family, you home and business?  Some are, most aren't.

The "I've had enough" sentiment was also expressed in a Letter to America  by Kyle S. Reyes, the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today writing about the aftermath of the fatal shooting at the Wendy's Restaurant in Atlanta.

"On Thursday night, the Atlanta Police Department was quick to downplay “rumors” that cops had walked off the job. Anyone in law enforcement – or anyone with friends in law enforcement – knew that the denial was a load of crap.  But talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place, right?

Option 1) Lie to everyone and hope that criminals are too dumb to realize the truth… that the city has fallen.

Option 2) Tell the truth and watch the terror begin....Has the day of reckoning finally arrived? Is the “Blue Flu” about to become the most deadly pandemic America will ever face?"

Finally, back in 1970, 50 years ago, the great Paul Harvey spoke about the challenges of being a policeman (or woman).  He mentioned the superhuman expectations for success in an incredible variety of circumstances that most of us wouldn't or couldn't attempt.  Keep Paul Harvey's words in mind as you spend this opening weekend of Summer as you contemplate whatever is coming next.






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