• Gridlock at West Coast ports is not likely to go away from routing cargoes through Canada.

    Reuters reports the delays at west coast ports won’t be helped much be the re-route because capacity is already limited at Canada’s largest port, Port Metro Vancouver, which is also staring at the possibility of another crippling strike by container truck drivers.

    The gridlock in the Western U.S. shipping industry has forced companies to amend their plans. McDonalds is currently rationing French fries at its Japanese restaurants.

  • Walmart will implement new poultry safety guidelines for suppliers in an effort to reduce foodborne illnesses such as salmonella.

    The new guidelines require suppliers to get prevention-based certification against one of the Global Food Safety Initiative internationally recognized standards.

    The new program requires Walmart and Sam’s Club U.S. poultry suppliers to implement farm-to-fork controls they say are designed to reduce potential contamination levels, including on chicken parts.