**The day after John Deere union turned down a second negotiated contract, a Deere spokesperson said there will not be a third offer.

According to www.agrimarketing.com, members of local United

Auto Workers cast their vote last Tuesday on a re-negotiated contract and the results showed 55% were not in favor of the new contract, while 45% were.

This is a stark contrast to the overwhelming vote that declined Deere's first option early last month.


**Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor thanks the President and Congress for including $1 billion in biofuels infrastructure investments in the Build Back Better budget.

Skor says it’s a welcome acknowledgment that access to higher blends of biofuels at the pump makes a real difference in decarbonizing transportation.

She says recent research shows a nationwide E15 standard would reduce carbon emissions by more than 17 million tons, the equivalent of removing almost four million cars from the road each year.

**Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack issued an endorsement of the framework of that Build Back Better Act.

Vilsack says to create millions of good-paying jobs, grow the economy, build American competitiveness, and secure the future of American children, we must invest in America’s working families.

Senate Ag Chair Debbie Stabenow says, the bill scales up climate-smart ag programs that farmers, foresters, and rural businesses use to protect resources and be more energy-efficient.

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