The voices that stand out....Ving Rhames  "Arby's, we've got the meat!"  James Earl Jones, "Luke, I am you father."...the movie trailer guy, Don LaFontaine, "Trapped in a world where..."... oh yah, and Lance Tormey too!  Those deep rich voices reach out and grab your attention.  They get female attention too...more on that in a moment.
I will never forget the day I decided to go into broadcasting.  It was after after a summer theater performance (don't ask) when a professor from a nearby college said to me, "Dave, you've got a great voice, you ought to do something with it."  I had no idea about my voice but I thought if a professor of speech and drama said so, it must be true, right?  It started me on a path.
That was a long time ago and over the years a lot of people, upon asking me what I do for a living, reacted to my answer of "broadcasting" by saying ,"well, you sure have the voice for it."  Thanks!
Luck of the draw, a simple blessing, and I'm thankful that I have one of the God-given tools to help me in my chosen profession.  It's like being tall in basketball.  Nothing you can do to be tall but it sure helps if you are.
Over the years I have read various studies about deep voices including some that make the connection to testosterone.  Researchers out of China are reported in the Daily Mail making another deep voice connection.
I seems women might like men with deep voices, but the study finds that men with deep, rich voices are more likely to cheat on their partner—and it’s due to high levels of testosterone!
Honest Honey, I can explain...i was just my voice?
The scientists say women are often attracted to men with low, rich voices because they are associated with high testosterone levels, which in terms of evolution, suggests the man would be a good mate for producing healthy children.
Is that it?  You only want me for voice???
But, men with higher testosterone levels are also more likely to have a lax attitude toward infidelity, care less about their relationships, and eventually cheat.
Um, I want a recount!
"The research volunteers were students aged 18-25, heterosexual, non-smokers and in good health when they had their voices recorded.

After being asked to read out a list of words, their voice recordings were analyzed for the various kinds of frequency and pitch that are influenced by a number of factors including the shape of the mouth, their larynx and levels of testosterone.

They then took a psychological test with questions on their attitudes to fidelity and relationships such as how they felt about cheating on a partner.

Men with deeper voices were less committed to their relationships and more likely to be unfaithful, they reported in the journal Personality and Individual Differences"

The same was not true for women—the pitch of their voice had no correlation with their attitudes to fidelity. However, in the same study, women were more likely to report that men with deeper voices seemed more likely to be unfaithful.
Ok, it was a small study but it was...... interesting.


Some musicians are known for deep voices and you can check out a few of the most impressive next.

Richard Anthony Sterban is the deep voice guy from the Oak Ridge Boys and he really gets low!

The big fella from Country music speaks even lower than he sings, the giant man with the big deep voice is  6' '6" Trace Adkins.

He's Barry White.  There's nothing more to say.  Barry White!

Finally the young man with a youthful face that you would never imagine to sound like this...low, deep and smooth...Josh Turner.

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