Summer campouts aren't that much fun if you don't have anyplace else to go -- which is why the cooking staff from Davis High School is spearheading a "Summer Living for the Homeless" event this Saturday (May 21).

The cooks are asking the public to donate everyday supplies that are critical to people living outdoors in the coming months, and they'll be taking in the donations from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the parking lots of Craft Warehouse, 1704 W. Nob Hill Blvd., and the West Valley Walmart, 6600 W. Nob Hill Blvd.

Needed items include tents, sleeping bags, blankets, tarps, sunscreen, hygiene and toiletry items, bug spray, wet wipes, dry dog food, snacks, toilet paper, new underwear and socks, flashlights and batteries.

Cash donations are welcome, too.

The cooks are staging the event in honor of former Yakima residents Scott Pulliam and William Tim Renecker. Both men were homeless and died on the streets.

For more information, call Shirley at 509-961-4749.


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