Picking it out was exciting, seeing it go in is fantastic! Standard Paint and Flooring has every option you can think of for floors for your home. This is Cortec and it's a durable laminate that is kid-proof, pet-proof and waterproof, and you can find out all about it online.

What's this post all about? Simple ...just giving an honest review. Going through the process and then telling you about it -- in exchange for a certain amount of flooring. I jumped at it the chance and now I can jump on the floor, spill on it and have the dogs scamper across it and still look good. The material is amazing, it looks great and the color options are practically endless.

I worked with Jeff Rock at the 72nd Avenue store and he was a total pro. Friendly, knowledgeable, good-humored and efficient. He measured, ordered and delivered the flooring in a matter of days. How good is he? We have just one plank left over after the total install! He knows his stuff!

My install crew are the good guys from DH West Coast Construction who were recommended to me by my mother-in-law! They did great work for her and now for us -- check them out on Angie's List.

Sure, there are a lot of good places to go for a remodel or fresh new look. I picked Standard Paint and Flooring based on their reputation and their support of Children's Miracle Network. I put their reputation to the test and I couldn't be happier.  I see many years of card games, dancing, kid theater productions, pet play and so much more -- so much life playing out on my Logan Oak super cool new grey floors!

Thanks to all involved for helping turn my ho-hum old house into a wowzer!

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