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Why is It Important to Create Affirmations?

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Honestly, right before the pandemic hit, I was already suffering from burn-out. As the Covid-19 virus spread and some workers were able to stay home, my job pretty much remained the same, besides vigilantly wiping down surfaces and cleaning microphones. My work life completely bled into my home life and I was suffering mini panic attacks and overwhelming emotions. I found a bit of peace listening to meditations via YouTube and eventually found myself leaning on affirmations to get through the day.

An affirmation is a statement, that always starts with I AM and wraps up with powerful words that evoke emotion. For example today's affirmation is

I Am Unique and MY Uniqueness is My Super Power

The affirmations are for everyone, including myself. They have given me strength and helped me stay in the moment instead of fall into the feelings of drowning in the overwhelming thoughts of too many little things to do, feel and think on a daily basis. Over these past six months I have felt more at peace and empowered than I can remember and I really hope they have touched you too!


As school begins to gear up it's my hope that parents sit down with their children and create some affirmations to help them ease into their new routines. They will be experiencing so many emotions so having a statement they can whisper to themselves might really help! I also hope that everyone speaks to their children about how beautiful and wonderful being different is. These past two years have been a struggle for everyone and I cannot even imagine what it's been like for kids who loved school or hated it and now are going back after so long. It's my hope that you will remind your children the importance of being kind to others, to not make fun of others and to stand up for those that are struggling to stand up for themselves. Not just on the first week of school but forever. There are children with learning disabilities that have only been at home and they are trying to make friends too so to make fun of someone because of how they look or to sit silently and watch a group of kids torment another child is not ok.

It's Everyone's Responsibility

Teachers, you too! I am honestly disgusted with what has been going on in the Toppenish School District and I hope that we all learn how to use our voices and speak up and continue to push to remove any type of predator that is near our children. Churches and pastors I'm talking to you too. Sweeping it under the rug, sending an accused person to another place so they can start over with no one aware of what happened creates chaos and mistrust. If you are under 18 reading this and you have been told you are mature for your age, great but that doesn't mean you should be dating up. If they are above 21 years of age and going after you, they are immature for their age. They are wanting to manipulate you and control you and you need to tell an adult immediately. Don't have someone to speak to? Call Comprehensive Healthcare's Hotline today.

Let's let kids be kids. Adults, we can all do better.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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